Glastonabury really comes into its own at Christmas.  One of its most original traditions involves the Mayor cutting a spray from the Glastonbury thorn tree and sending it to the Queen to decorate  the royal breakfast table on Christmas Day.

However the day everyone is waiting for is the FROST FAIR 15TH Dec.  Between midday and 10pm Local bands play in the cafés and the fascinating New-Age shops will be augmented by stalls selling food and gifts

CAROLS  12th Dec  In the Abbot’s Kitchen Glastonbury Abbey tele 01458 832954


The Great Crane Project

crane_johncrispinThe Great Crane Project aims to restore healthy populations of wild common cranes throughout the UK. Cranes are wonderful, iconic birds that are sadly missing from many of their former wetland haunts in the UK.  They were lost as a breeding bird around 400 years ago as a result of the draining of their wetland nesting sites, and hunting for food. In 2010 they were reintroduced to the Somerset Levels. View more information here >>

Lytes Cary

lytescaryIntimate manor house with Arts and Crafts-style garden

Lytes Cary Manor is an intimate medieval manor house with a beautiful Arts and Crafts garden where you can imagine living.

Originally the family home of Henry Lyte, where he translated the unique Niewe Herball book on herbal remedies, Lytes Cary was then lovingly restored in the 20th century by Sir Walter Jenner.

Haynes Motor Museum

haynesThe biggest motor museum in the country, The Haynes International Motor Museum (an Educational Charitable Trust, No. 292048) is dedicated to restore, retain and preserve motoring and motorcycling items of historical and cultural interest in England. It is an International Motor Museum taking the view that the complete history of the automobile and motorcycle can only be covered by looking at the developments from all over the world.

Fleet Air Arm Museum

Fleet_Air_Arm_Museum0_largeThe Fleet Air Arm Museum represents the flying arm of the Royal Navy. With four exhibition halls, over ninety aircraft and over 2 million records and 30 thousand artefacts the Museum is the world’s second largest naval aviation Museum.

This is a must-see attraction if you are visiting the South West, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire or Somerset with its wide range of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft exhibits. A perfect all weather venue for family holidays.

Montacute House

montacuteMontacute House is a magnificent, glittering mansion, built in the late 16th century for Sir Edward Phelips.

There are many renaissance features, and the Long Gallery, the longest of its kind in England, displays over 60 of the finest Tudor and Elizabethan portraits from the National Portrait Gallery collection. The state rooms display a fine range of period furniture and textiles, including samplers from the Goodhart collection.